Frontline Discount Program

At Frontline Healthcare Staffing, we understand that flexibility and contract options are absolutely vital to our clients. With that in mind, Frontline has introduced a new discount program for new Long Term Care clients.

Frontline Discount Program

Frontline is offering discounted rates for RNs, LPNs & STNAs depending on the contract length. Options include 4, 8 & 13 weeks contracts with savings increasing more with longer contract terms.

Below are the average savings for 8 and 13 week contracts compared to 4 week contracts:

STNA/CNA $178.20 per Week $237.60 per Week
LPN $176.40 per Week $252.00 per Week
RN $164.16 per Week $246.24 per Week

When comparing repeated 4 week extensions, a 13 week contract is expected to exceed $3,000 in savings over that time!

Reach out to Frontline today to begin taking advantage of increased flexibility and savings!

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